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Jacqui's Gourmet Spices brings you an authentic culinary experience straight from the hills of Jamaica. All ingredients means flavor is never compromised. 100% natural made in Texas USA. So you can enjoy a authentic Jamaican cuisine worldwide.

Ingredients that makes Jammin Jerk Sauce and Seasoning

Scotch Bonnet Pepper (is a variety of chili pepper similar to and of the same species as the habanera) Has a unique and slightly apricot-like flavor which is delightful assuming the tongue can discern it beyond the intense heat. Has the highest concentration of capsicum. Spicing up your life with hot pepper can help turn the tables on diabetes. New evidence shows capsaicin makes your cells more sensitive to insulin and improve the balance between blood sugar and insulin in your body.

  • Green Onion (Scallion) : Can be used as a tea to relieve cold and fever.
  • Garlic : A natural antibiotic. Used raw it relieves symptoms of influenza, hypertension, infections and skin conditions.
  • Ginger : Protects your heart and is good for stomachaches. Calms the stomach, stops the sensation of nausea and accelerates the digestive process. Helps constipation, diarrhea and arthritis.
  • Pimento (Allspice) : Revs immunity system. Antibacterial and antiinflammatory that has been proven to kill germs.
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Jacqui's sauces and seasonings have turned me into a good cook.

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