Ingredients that makes Jammin Jerk Sauce & Seasoning

Scotch Bonnet Pepper (is a variety of chili pepper similar to and of the same species as the habanera) Has a unique and slightly apricot-like flavor which is delightful assuming the tongue can discern it beyond the intense heat. Has the highest concentration of capsicum. Spicing up your life with hot pepper can help turn the tables on diabetes. New evidence shows capsaicin makes your cells more sensitive to insulin and improve the balance between blood sugar and insulin in your body.

Green Onion

Can be used as a tea to relieve cold and fever.


A natural antibiotic. Used raw it relieves symptoms of influenza, hypertension, infections and skin conditions.


Protects your heart and is good for stomachaches. Calms the stomach, stops the sensation of nausea and accelerates the digestive process. Helps constipation, diarrhea and arthritis.

Coconut Oil

Packed with Laurie acid. Proven to reduce cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels.

Pimento (Allspice)

Revs immunity system. Antibacterial and antiinflammatory that has been proven to kill germs.


Aids in digestion, liver and skin problems.


Aids in digestion, liver and skin problems.


Spice up blood sugar control. Helps with high cholesterol. Packed with antioxidants and loaded with manganese. Cinnamon tea is used to soothe nerves, upset stomach, relieve cold and flu symptoms.


Ideal for calming nerves, alleviating indigestion and cleaning the mucous membranes.


Improves insulin sensitivity before a high carbohydrate meal. It inhibits the breakdown of carbohydrates, thereby decreasing blood glucose spikes.

Sweet Reggae “Out Of Many Herbs One Exotic Seasoning” — No Heat Just Sweet!

Reflection of our motto, “Out of Many, One People.” Jamaican cuisine is the product of a wide range of culinary influences, that of the Chinese, Dutch, French, Indians, English, Irish, Syrians, Germans and many more. They brought their own distinctive ingredients and flavors. Some Jamaican dishes are spicy and some are sweet. There Is big difference between the two. The real secret of achieving the correct depth of flavors which include mixtures of tanginess and cool sweetness of its many tropical herbs and fruits is found in this sauce and seasoning.


Contain high levels of quercetin, an antioxidant that has powerful antiinflammatory effects. Add onions to your meal every day.

Bell Pepper

Rich in lutein as well as vitamin C, an antioxidant that may heip reduce the risk for cataracts and macular degeneration by protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals.


deal for calming nerves, alleviating indigestion and clearing the mucous membranes.


Mix 1/8 cup vinegar with 1/4 cup water and drink before a high carbohydrate meal. Improves insulin sensitivity. It inhibits the breakdown of carbohydrates, thereby decreasing spikes in blood glucose.

Keeps your brain sharp. Stops the pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis by blocking joint inflammation. Battles high blood pressure and maintains sharp eyesight.


Relieves fever, indigestion, anxiety and insomnia.


Remedy for respiratory tract infection. Relieves indigesticn.


Citrus fruits are famous for containing Vitamin C which helps cold and flu by boosting your immunity. Helps your vision and prevents heart and stroke through fighting inflammation. Also important in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.


High Vitamin C content. Prevents inflammatory polyarthritis and good for rheumatoid arthritis.

Olive Oil

Contains the most natural antioxidants to improve cholesterol. Brings down high blood pressure, clears away blood clots. The high content of phenolic compounds in virgin Olive Oil primes your body to prevent blood clots. Keeps blood flowing more smoothly and lowers your risk of heart attack or stroke.